We loved being at ACE 2017 and meeting all of our existing and new clients, and spreading awareness about our brands and range of products available. If you did get yourself to #ACE2017 and we had the opportunity to meet you, thank you very much! We will be contacting all of you interested in product ranges shortly in the weeks to come.

However, if you didn’t get a chance to meet us at ACE and see what is going on, and what is new, fear not! Have a read through this post on all that we’ve been up to!



Aquateal is the first product line providing 100% natural tan without any harmful agents that you can find in standard faux tan products, such as self-tanning sprays and creams. These tend to leave the skin quite dry, they smell unpleasant, are generally full of chemicals and more often than not, instead of a golden tan, the colour fades to a nasty orange. Aquateal are different as they use 100% natural ingredients, namely black tea. The idea inspired from 1960’s when women used to use black tea to rub on their legs to create an effect of having stockings on, with a line down the middle of the back of the leg, in eye pencil to create the seam.

Aquateal tan gives you an instant effect, you can use Bronzing Wipes for an immediate subtle effect of a golden glow or the Bronzing Water for a more defined effect. Apply using cotton pads or self-tanning gloves. The tan lasts all day and is non-transferable on clothing, which means no more orange-streaked white sheets in the morning. The tan washes off easily at the end of the day, following your usual shower and skincare routine.

It is perfect for that extra factor when it comes to making an impression with limited time on your hands. Easy application, immediate and lasting effect means you can step into any event or dinner party, looking radiant and with a golden glow.



PRX-T33 is a revolutionary product which gained huge success in Russia and Germany already, now introduced to the UK market. The product is an active skin programme, with supporting creams for after-treatment care. It is a completely non-invasive treatment, designed to be used for a large number of skin conditions. The product uses 33% TCA with H2O2. It takes 10 -15 mins to perform the treatment and the effects are seen immediately. They only evolve over the course of the next week or so, until it is time for the next treatment. There is no downtime with this treatment, and it is simple, painless and easy for the patient as well as the doctor.

 ACE 2017 was our soft launch for this product,  and CCR 2017 is going to be our official launch. We had a Dr Mariya Sergeyeva perform a demo and presentation about the product, at the Expert Clinic – see below.

| PRX -T33 | EXPERT CLINIC with Dr Mariya Sergeyeva |


Dr Mariya Sergeyeva is a board certified dermatologist. She is head doctor at Soul Spa Anti-Age Centre and has been in the field of aesthetic medicine for more than 10 years. She is a Key Opinion Leader in the industry, being invited as a speaker at numerous national and international congresses. She is a faculty member and a consulting expert for several leading companies, training physicians in injectables, EBD and peels.

We invited Dr Sergeyeva to present the product and describe in depth about its qualities and why she has been using it for her patients, providing an industry relevant insight of cases she has worked on, and the impressive results achieved with this product. She then proceeded to perform a treatment as a demonstrate of how to apply and how to use the product to around 50 doctors sat down at the presentation. The treatment took 15 minutes and you could see the effect immediately on the model, with her skin looking clearer and more plump than before. The length of the treatment, like many others depends on the patient itself.

You receive 5 bottles of 4ml in the box, which lasts for around 10 treatments, as you use 2ml per treatment.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact: judith@magroup.co.uk 

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#ACE2017 | WHAT’S ON | @MAGroupUK

Yes! The day is finally here, tomorrow, the 31st of March starts the two -day conference in the aesthetics world, at The Business Design Centre, Islington. We are super excited for this event and have been busily preparing for the two exciting new launches!


As of April 2017, we will be offering two new products to our clients:

PRX -T33 and Aquateal. PRX -T33 is a revolutionary peel no -peel bio revitalisation product available to medical professionals only. It has plenty of benefits and a lot of advantages against other treatments such as mesotherapy. Not only is the PRX-T33 non-invasive and there are no needles involved, it does not irritate the skin and also there is no downtime so you can continue your normal life activities when the treatment is complete. Follow the links for more information about the PRX-T33.


Aquateal – much different product to the medical PRX-T33 is a French company that produces natural skin solutions for the perfect natural tan using black tea! The tan is visible just after first application and the product is 100% vegetarian. To read more about it, visit the links mentioned, or browse our blog page!


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PRX -T33 | Biorevitalisation Product | @MAGroupUK

photo credit: Beautycon.pl

Introducing a unique alternative to injectable treatments and peels. The new peel no-peel, biorevitalisation product: PRX -T33. 

The PRX-T33 favors the stimulation of fibroblast growth factors without causing inflammation and damage the skin. In addition, this treatment can be performed in all seasons of the year, contrary to peeling, because it is not photosensitizing, and is suitable for all skin types.

It really is revolutionary product to be introduced on the aesthetics market, making it easy for the patient and simple for the doctor.

Advantages of PRX-T33 against mesotherapy

1. Noninvasive medical device.
2. Nonablative chemical stimulation of the dermis without exfoliate the epidermis.
3. It is absolutely painless.
4. Works great as a unique treatment and associated treatments, the results are enhanced
5. Not photosensitizer, which can be used even in summer.
6. The results are seen immediately.
7. No downtime.

If you would like to find out more about the PRX -T33 at #ACE2017! We will be at stand 52!

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AQUATEAL | Reinventing Self-Tanning and Sun Protection | @MAGroupUK

We are busy getting ready for the #ACE2017 conference where we are at stand 52! Come speak to us to find out about our product range, including the two new product launches! Here, at Medical Aesthetic Group, we are dedicated to finding the most innovative products available on the market to bring to you and your clients.

We are excited to be announcing an introduction of a new product to our range from Aquateal. We will be bringing Aquateal Bronzing Water, a winner of the Beauté Santé  Award from Santé  Magazine in France. It instantly gives you the golden glow of the holidays and provides an absolutely flawless tan.

What is Aquateal?

They are a French company that is the first product line to offer 100% natural tan all year long. The designers of the products wanted to invent a product that gives you a lovely looking tan with immediate results after the first application.


Why Aquateal?

0% chemical self tanner,
0% paraben,
0% phtalates,
100% vegan,
100% natural scent
Dermatologically tested. 

The Tea Bronzing Water combines the tanning action of black tea with mouisturising active ingredients, ensuring optimal moisture levels all day long. It dries within seconds after the application, leaving your skin smooth, golden and glowing. 



aeslogo (002).png

We are at #ACE2017 this year! We will be all set up and ready to answer any questions at stand 52! We will also be launching our new product, PRX -T33 which is a bio-revitalisation product with no need for needles, no downtime and can be performed under 30 minutes!

There will be our staff available to talk to as well as a lot of supporting materials for extra information and all-you-need-to-know product brochure, available for all.

The PRX -T33 is a revolutionary product that can be used on men as well as women at any time of the year. 33% TCA stimulates fibroblast growth factors without harming the skin and the H2O2 improves the affinity for the receptor. The procedure is simple for the doctor and easy for the patient, with no downtime necessary and the procedure being completed under 30 minutes. There is no risk of frosting as no needles are involved.  It enhances results of other procedures and the effect of fractional laser radio frequency treatments, and roller treatments.


Come speak to us at ACE2017 to find out more about this innovative product as well as its functionality, properties and science behind it, and examples of the effects in before and after photos!

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ACE: Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition


We are going to be at the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition on the 31st of March and 1st of April! We are at stand number 52 and we cannot wait to see you all!

We are delighted to announce some exciting new products that are going to be launched soon on our website and available for all to purchase.


Don’t be a stranger! We are excited to speak to all of you about our products’ range and what is on offer, including independent training and support services for medical professionals within the aesthetics industry.

We are the world’s leading distributor of medical aesthetic supplies, operating since 1999. Some of our product ranges are: Fillerina, Oxygenetix, V soft lift, Esthechoc, Innoaesthetics and more! To view the full range, please visit our website by clicking here

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