5 Ways To Get More Clients.

Getting clients for your clinic may seem like a difficult task but it is about finding your niche audience. Think about the treatments you love doing and what makes them special. Like any business, your clinic needs a few USP’s and like any other business it needs a solid foundation for marketing. This guide is for those who are already getting regular clients for your clinic and you are looking to grow your clients’ base. Let’s get to it.

1. Feedback


You already have clients that have been to your clinic and had some treatments done. Were they pleased with the results? Did they expect something different? What is their opinion of the service you provide? It is important to remember that you are not just offering treatments – you are offering a full service. Gather feedback from your existing clients. Talk to them, ask them to fill out a feedback form at the end of your next consultation, email them or use social media tools such as Customer Reviews section on your website and advise your clients to give you a review there. This, in fact, is one of the easiest ways of gathering feedback. Not only will it drive traffic and interest to your Facebook page and help you with further marketing but also, it is comfortable for the client as they can do it at home, when nobody is watching! This also means more valuable, honest feedback.

2.  Social Media Engagement 


Facebook (and Co) is not only great for getting customer reviews but also sharing them and distributing them all over social media. It is great for creating conversations with your followers (who, hopefully, are your potential customers). Analyse your feedback and reach out to your audience on social media. Create a poll on twitter such as : “Which of these aspects matter to you the most as a client”? With options drawn from the feedback forms. Some things clients appreciated, some things clients didn’t like. See if their opinion is a popular one or just a personal one. It is fantastic for research, and it is great for creating social media engagement which will drive more followers – and eventually, new clients.

3. Keep In Touch


Once the treatments are done and consultations are over, encourage your clients to keep in touch. Do that by either asking to fill in their email address on their details form, or to leave their business card. Send out an email once in a while – every 3  – 4 months or longer, depending on the treatment – and ask them how they are doing, if they are finding after-care products helpful, if they need any advice or have any questions. It takes seconds to email someone with a few questions, but it can prove great for feedback and also, word of mouth! A client who feels they are well looked after post-treatment, and have a sense of more personal relationship with their doctor, are more likely to recommend the clinic or the doctor to their friends who may be looking for similar treatments.

4. Do Extra 


I’m sure you are very busy with all your tasks, treatments and business logistics each day. However, couple of times a month or every 6 months, organise an open event. An evening or a day where potential new clients or people interested/considering treatments can come to, have a little champagne and can talk to you about their worries, concerns or just request more information. It builds an instant connection as you are there face to face. It shows clients you take the time to get to know them – not just on social media – and you are an open book. Only do this if you are completely comfortable in your profession or have someone who can step in, when the difficult questions start rolling in.

5. Be Extra. 


Offer free guidance and support to any clients, not just your own. You can do this by starting a blog on your website or just posting few tips and advice on Facebook or Twitter. You really should jump on the Twitter/  Instagram bandwagon if you haven’t already (where have you been for the last five years!?). It is a great way to reach out to new people as well as establish your brand. As a medical professional, whether you are a beauty therapist working remotely or a doctor at a clinic – you need to build your authority and your credibility. What other way than to share some posts with a little comment on what to do and what not to do post treatment – coming straight from the professional themselves.

If you have been praised for something in particular, bring attention to it and DO SAY that others may not offer the service – remember to build your USP’s as you go.

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