#ACE2017 | WHAT’S ON | @MAGroupUK

Yes! The day is finally here, tomorrow, the 31st of March starts the two -day conference in the aesthetics world, at The Business Design Centre, Islington. We are super excited for this event and have been busily preparing for the two exciting new launches!


As of April 2017, we will be offering two new products to our clients:

PRX -T33 and Aquateal. PRX -T33 is a revolutionary peel no -peel bio revitalisation product available to medical professionals only. It has plenty of benefits and a lot of advantages against other treatments such as mesotherapy. Not only is the PRX-T33 non-invasive and there are no needles involved, it does not irritate the skin and also there is no downtime so you can continue your normal life activities when the treatment is complete. Follow the links for more information about the PRX-T33.


Aquateal – much different product to the medical PRX-T33 is a French company that produces natural skin solutions for the perfect natural tan using black tea! The tan is visible just after first application and the product is 100% vegetarian. To read more about it, visit the links mentioned, or browse our blog page!


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